Pillow Hotel SVANE 50 x 70 cm 600 g

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    Swan-labeled high cushion filled with the exclusive Comforel Nordic Eco fiber, Fiber

    Høie Enviro is a high fiber cushion that contains the exclusive Comforel Nordic fiber. Specially developed for Høie with a view to comfort, softness and longevity.

    The product is produced with a focus on the environment: Low energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, no use of hazardous chemicals and cotton from environmentally adapted production. It is good for both the environment and your health. Høie is the first and only supplier to satisfy the Swan label's stringent requirements on fiber cushions and pads.

    Fiber is a hygienic and unique insulation material that does not absorb moisture or odor and does not dust. Fiber is therefore often preferred by allergy sufferers.