Høie Herkules Child's pillow 35x40cm (10) 26002240

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    Høie Hercules is an exclusive children's series filled with the antibacterial fiber Trevira Bioactive - which prevents both bacteria and bad odors from developing in the textiles, providing a fresh and healthy sleeping environment for our children. The effect is permanent built-in fiber, and does not disappear in the wash. The products have features in soft and durable polyester / cotton cambric. Juniordynene in this series, you get both a thermo 2-layer quilt with light green piping, and pierced all duvet with light green serger. The rest of the dunes is gjennomstukkede all quilts with light green serger. The pads of this series has the same features as the dunes, and is filled with the same antibacterial fiber.